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Cupcakes are a thing of beauty. Whether you're looking for the American-style equivalent of a cupcake (or fairy cakes to those from the UK), this site is your one stop resource for all small tasty cakes.

Our aim is to make cupcake UK one of the ultimate cupcake websites on the web, making sure that we provide you with all of the best and most up-to-date recipes from cupcake experts themselves! Not that we claim to be experts; but we sure know how to make a winning cake.

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As an extra treat for you cupcake fans, come take a look at mouthwatering pictures of these minature treasures. We even have the latest news from all over the web about cupcakes, muffins and cupcake decorations.

Occasionally, we'll even recommend some other cuppycake related websites for you to have an explore around, so you can get lost in these baked delights!

Cupcakes are sure to be the big thing for 2013 and 2014!